Thursday, May 22, 2008

The Perfect Breakfast

Hubby cooked this breakfast a few days ago...

Scrambled Eggs with ham, Smoked Ham and Cheddar Cheese

Take 3 eggs, a knob of butter and a couple of slices of ham along with a tablespoon or so of milk.
In a pan melt butter and add the milk, stir and add the eggs, whisk around. Add a little salt. Add the ham, cut into small bits. Stir up till scramble is the consistency you like.

Serve in a plate with some smoked ham and a wedge of Cheddar and a couple of slices of bread.

Voila!!! The Perfect breakfast is ready!!


Sangeeth said...

looks very simple and easy to I am gonna ask my hubby to do this ;)

notyet100 said...

this looks like perfect breakfast,..

Unknown said...

I love the anaheim scrambler with bacon and eggs..this sounds too good

Ansh said...

yummmmmmmmmmmmmy!!! I usually add asparagus , tomatoes and bacon. will try this now

Unknown said...

Hi Rhea
It's great to discover another food blogger in Mumbai. I have a list up on my blog, do let me know if you know of any more