Saturday, August 23, 2008

Tarela Boomla - If you're Parsi you gotta love these!!!

Every monsoon my family (the in laws side) goes crazy with yearnings for Bombay Ducks or 'Boomlas'. These small longish 'gel-like' fish are a gastronome's delight and a gourmand like me's heaven :). I can, with pride, out eat anyone in the family where these babies are concerned!! Boomlas are a no-fuss fish. The best way to have them is fresh, deep fried, hot off the pan with some flavourful fresh-squeezed lemon juice. MMMMMMMMMMM!!!

Here's how I make them.

20 fresh Bombay Ducks, cleaned.
salt/turmeric/chilli powder
Chana atta/besan/chick pea flour
Oil to deep fry in.
Fresh limes to serve with.

Marinate the ducks in salt, turmeric and chilli powder. Use salt sparingly as the boomlas are naturally salty. Be sure to drain off any excess water after washing the fish or the marinade becomes watery and falls off the fish.

In a flat plate or on newspaper spread the chick pea flour and roll each fish individually, pressing a bit to coat well.

Bombay Ducks in Besan

Heat any neutral oil in a large flat pan. Let the oil heat up well and then fry the fish till golden. regulate the heat so you don't burn the outside. Turn the fish and cook the other side too. Be gentle when turning as the fish is delicate and might break.

Frying Bombay Ducks

Serve immediately with lemon wedges and INSIST that they are eaten hot!!

Ready to Eat!!

They are just delicious!! You can make simple daal and rice to go with them. I eat them with no distractions!!


notyet100 said...

tho looks so delicious,..

Rhea Mitra Dalal said...

trying to figure out how to reduce those giant pictures :) :)

arZan said...

You, dear lady have made my mouth water like crazy.

How about sending some over now :)

I love boomla....and my dad and I would polish off three dozen between the two of us.

The only thing I would add to your menu is garam rotli...

Parsi Khabar

Sangeeth said...

very inviting recipe :)