Monday, August 26, 2013

Meeting Matt Moran

There are very few of us that aren't aware of the hit TV cooking show MasterChef and we quite unanimously like the Australian edition the best. The three dapper judges, their benevolent nature, ever smiling faces, friendly guidance and constant encouragement to the participants have made them household favourites. As nice as they are none of these three are my personal favourite. Oh no. For me it was Matt Moran all the way!

So you can imagine my absolute delight when my friend Rushina invited me over to her studio for an informal brunch with Matt Moran himself! I felt like a teenager meeting the rock star of her dreams and yes, for me he is the rock star among chefs. So I was in full fan girl mode and I couldn't wait to meet him. 

Saee and I coordinated and decided to go together. She was nearly as excited as I was though she was not as hysterical ;) 
We arrived nice and early and the first thing we saw was the gorgeously set table. Rushina had out done herself completely. 

We were sat around this beautiful table and Matt took a seat somewhere in the middle of one long side. It was a packed house with bloggers, journalists, and media persons and soon our session began. Rushina introduced Matt and then we had a fun session bombarding Matt with all sorts of questions. He was equally curious and we had plenty of questions to answer ourselves! 

I've been following him on Twitter, reading his updates about his upcoming show Paddock to Plate and it was great to sit across a table and talk to him about it! I'm hoping we get to see this show here in India soon. 

(Photo credit -  APB Cook Studio)

I was happy to meet a few of my blogger friends like Nikhil and Prachi and popular young chef Saransh Goila.

As we chatted with Matt a delectable spread was laid out as a buffet with a few of Matt's own recipes being served. The staff were nice enough to serve us at the table so we could chat on undisturbed. We also had some lovely Australian wines to go along with our meal. 

A spiced up prawn cocktail 

Potato salad with Curried Mayonnaise

Chicken with chorizo and chickpeas


Chocolate Fondant with ice cream and raspberries

I've been to a fair few celebrity chef events but this is one I will always remember. I could never have imagined I'd sit across a table and happily chat away with a chef I'd seen on a top rated international show, let alone one I have a crush the size of the Himalayas on! The hubby had great fun teasing me about this extreme fan girl avatar I'd taken on and yes, I provided him with plenty of entertainment. If you can imagine me hopping around in anticipation the night before you've got the picture spot on! 

Here's what my friend Appu wrote about my Matt Moran.experience. She had a ring-side view of my enthusiasm and has put it down quite perfectly!

I'm still floating around a couple of inches above the ground :)


Kalyan Karmakar said...

sounds like a lovely afternoon and the food looks so great too...missed this

Jenny Arata said...

It's always great to have a little fan girl time about something. Adds a little energy to life! So glad you had a chance to meet him. I might be a little fan girlish around Gordon Ramsay. I'd have a zillion questions to ask him.

Me! In words said...

Lucky you!!! I totally understand the fan mode you went into.. I would do the same!