Saturday, March 15, 2014

Cafe Monza - A Gem in Kharghar

It's a rare day when K has even a holiday free. He usually has a lecture somewhere or has client meetings so we don't really get a chance to just relax and be with each other exploring local eateries. Yesterday he had the morning free and told me to get dressed because we were going out for breakfast. Music to my ears!

We went over to Cafe Monza in Kharghar itself. This place has been around for about a year now I think, and is one of the absolute gems of Navi Mumbai. The menu covers a whole lot cuisines from around the world and though you might have doubts about how authentic each recipe is, the food is delicious.

We walked in around 9.30am and I was happy to see the place quite full even that early. K already knew what he wanted to order so I left it to him. He asked for the Kheema Ghotala for me and for a mushroom and cheese omelette for himself. We also indulged in a plate of french fries :)

The kheema ghotala was superb. Flavourful but not overwhelming, it was delicious. Served with toast and butter, this is quite a treat. The ghotala should have eggs scrambled into it this one seemed quite low on eggs. But it was so good I forgive them.

The cheese and mushroom omelette was lovely. A perfectly fluffy omelette with a generous amount of cheese and mushrooms, also served with toast and butter.

French fries - hot and crisp served with ketchup. These disappeared in no time!

I'd just had coffee at home and didn't want another so soon so I asked for their ginger lemon cooler. It was tangy and had the just enough of the sharp bite of ginger. I would go back to have just this again.

We sat there and read the newspapers, chatted and just chilled. K had coffee which he said was quite good.

We paid around Rs.500 for our breakfast and it was completely worth it.

The waiters are friendly and service is relaxed but not slow. The place has a young feel with bright interiors and a huge mural across one wall. They also have a small seating area on the mezzanine. The menu is extensive covering breakfast, snacks and starters, salads, sandwiches, pizzas, mains, fresh coffees, coolers, and a good range of desserts. The vegetarian options are extensive.  They also have Free WiFi and a clean loo. And they do local deliveries too.

If you're travelling to Lonavala or Pune and are tired of jostling around at McDonalds, try Cafe Monza instead. It's just off the highway as you pass through Kharghar.

Cafe Monza
Shop 15, Plot 5/6
Bhoomi Heights
Sector 8
Navi Mumbai

9022224253 / 9022224259


raJesh said...

I completely agree that it's got a young feel.
Pictures make the post delicious! :D A very comprehensive review!

appu said...

Ah - Cafe Monza brings back fond memories :)

Rhea Mitra Dalal said...

Thought of you so much as I tucked into that kheema :)