Monday, September 8, 2014

Euphorhea - The Blog. On Facebook and Why

Recently a bunch of bloggers in Mumbai got together just to connect with each other, to see the faces behind familiar blogs , and to discuss ways to improve and grow as bloggers. Many issues, some basic and some complicated were discussed and the interactions encouraged and invigorated the participants into doing blog related stuff that were not getting done.

Some went home and wrote new posts and I pondered about the pros and cons of creating a Facebook page for my blog. I was already sharing links to my posts on Twitter and on Facebook on my personal page, and on a couple of selected food-centric groups there. I wondered if I would be overdoing it by creating a page, yet another space to post links. So I posted my question on the Mumbai Food Bloggers group to ask what the other bloggers thought.

The response was singular - go for it! There was not a single con, it seemed to be just a long list of pros. And they all made sense. The biggest advantage was that the page gave the blogger a platform to connect with readers.  All of us bloggers have realized that we don't get much of a chance to connect or interact with readers on the blog itself. On Facebook you can have a full conversation. Keeping in mind the fact that I spend so many hours plugged in to Facebook anyway, it seemed to me that a page for this blog was just logical.

So, here it is!

I hold the comments left on the blog itself closest to my heart. I still feel that little thrill every time I see a new one. But, it's time to move with the times so whether you want to connect here (hit the Join this Site button) or through Facebook, I'll be waiting to hear from you :)

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