Sunday, July 30, 2017

Personalised Whiskey Glasses from Perfico - Or How to Please the Husband!

Every birthday I wonder what to get for the hubby and ever so often the birthday passes by with plenty of good food and celebration but no gift. This year too it was the same. And it left me feeling disappointed once again that I hadn't found anything interesting or perfect enough for my man, my rock, my best friend.

A month or so ago I saw an email from The subject line mentioned gifting and out of curiosity I had a look. A quick browse through the email and then through their website and I was caught. He'd sent me links to his range of personalised whiskey, champagne, and wine glasses.

As I looked at the various options the idea of having whiskey glasses with the hubby's initials etched on them looked more and more attractive. Here was something I thought would be appreciated by the Single Malt loving hubby. Not quite a birthday gift I know considering a few months had passed but why get technical?

I responded expressing my interest and in a week the postman rang my bell. The glasses were superbly packed in form fitting thermocole inside a sturdy cardboard box. As I took them out I was quite delighted to see the hubby's initials framed in a wreath perfectly positioned on the sides of the glasses. The glasses themselves are of good quality and very clear and the etching has survived a couple of washes in my dishwasher quite well. To be honest we've also been enjoying juice at breakfast time in these glasses.

Perfico has a massive range of personalised gift options and when I say massive I really mean it! Browse their website to find everything from personalised coffee mugs, beer mugs, wine glasses, etc., to aprons, passport holders, flip flops (!),  and much, much more. You can personalise the item of your choice with whatever writing you like including images. Impress the boss, woo a girl, say sorry to Mom, please the hubby, whatever is the need of the hour!

They're also offering free shipping across India.

Disclaimer: The product was sent by Perfico, not purchased by me.

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