Sunday, October 14, 2012

A new cake stand and a Braided Cinnamon Wreath - A double celebration

As we blog, and share photos and our experiences on various food groups and even on Twitter, we get more and more obsessed with presentation and props for the photographs. After all it's through the photos that we share and show off to the world!

Food bloggers invariably become food photographers and stylists and they also end up collecting every eye catching prop that they can lay their hands on. I treated myself to a new oven a few months ago and in celebration of the cakes I would bake in the future I treated myself to a whole of of baking toys - cup cake moulds, baking tins, trays, parchment paper, cookie cutters and, two cake stands.

The cake stands just arrived early last week and I've been dying to show them off. But it was World Bread Day that was on the horizon and I definitely wanted to do a fancy bread for this event. Well, nowhere is it written that you can't present a bread on a cake stand, is it :)

I haven't been baking breads very long and have done just about 3 or 4 so far, on my own. However, I have been browsing and drooling at tons of recipes and settled on this beautiful Braided Cinnamon Wreath  recipe for World Bread Day. I have followed the given recipe to the T and with good results, I'm sure you'l agree!

The only variation is that I used Instant yeast.. about 17 grams. Be sure to knead the dough really well before you leave it to prove.

This wreath is surprisingly easy to make and with spectacular visual results! It's a basic cinnamon roll recipe where, instead of making the traditional rolls this beautiful wreath is made.

The husband is a self proclaimed carboholic and it is for him that I made this cinnamon wreath. I'm mighty pleased to say that he really loved it :)

The joy of cooking is found in an appreciative audience...truly.


Finla said...

Ofcourse you can use a cake stand for bread. I can believe that he lvoed the bread.

Rujuta said...

The wreath looks delicious and inviting..
I will def try out the recipe..
The cake stand is nice...waiting to see the other one :))

Anjali Koli said...

After The taming the yeast event to see you baking breads like these. Kudos Rhea!