Thursday, October 18, 2012

Bacon Cake. Yes, Bacon Cake.

This post is so long overdue it's not funny and I have been suitably punished for my tardiness. I had the bacon cake a couple of months ago, if not longer, and I wanted to blog about it immediately. As usual I didn't get around to it and before I knew it, a few months had flown past. And then tragedy struck - I wanted to have this very cake for my birthday and now that's not going to happen :(

Let me tell you about the bacon cake. Wait, here.. have a look at it.

Yes, this beauty is the bacon cake. Now not only am I diabetic and therefore unable to pig out on a Death by Chocolate cake, but I also love pork. The bacon cake was invented for me. It was!

As you can see, this luscious baby is jam packed with pork and other goodies and has a delicious icing made with bacon strips. Just what a girl needs to make her birthday really special. Here and there are little nuggets of cheese, juicy bits of corn, a bite of chilli..mmmm!

If you're wondering why I don't simply make one for my own birthday, it's because it's MY birthday and I shouldn't have to make my own cake! Unfortunately, Roycin, the creator of this beautiful porkaholic's delight, will be be away and therefore no bacon cake for this birthday :(

Call him and order your beautiful bacon cake if you are among the blessed lucky ones who lives in Mumbai. 9987601065 - that's the number. Call him and attain nirvana in a bite or two..or three.

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