Thursday, February 21, 2013

On random scribbling and zen doodles

As I paint I think of new designs and motifs, styles to try, ideas to adapt. Among my favourite are simple geometric patterns that are repetitive. You know the kind of doodles we did when we were bored in class? The kind we filled the backs of notebooks with? Endless abstract patterns, even fanciful mehendi designs. I love patterns that grow organically, with no formal direction.

One of my biggest sources of inspiration is Pinterest. I don't know what I did before it came into being! As I went from pin to pin, board to board I have seen thousands of great ideas and doable patterns and designs. I've also picked up some jargon along the way and the most amusing one I found was 'Zen Doodle'.

Zen Doodles are nothing but those mesmerising endless patterns and scribbles that we did! It seems drawing these patterns bring the artist a sense of Zen-like peace - and I do agree with that bit. It's quite nice actually to give a familiar activity a fancy name and I can now proudly say I have a Zen Doodle series  :)

This one is the latest - a lid for a curry bowl.


Me! In words said...

Beautiful.. You have given me so many ideas now... I love going through Pinterest too!

The Cute Corner House said...

good going rhea..I know I have been saying this a lot on FB whenever you post..and yeah zen doodling is something I love too...have pinned a lot on this :-))

Looking forward to see more creativity from you in the coming days


├čiju said...

Fantabulastically Awesome Rhea. Pinterest is also my biggest source of inspiration.

Cuckoo said...

Wow! I dunno what Pinterest is (mentally making note to check it when my daughter sleeps for a bit longer!) but I LOVED the curry bowl. And maybe I';; find my inner zen someday too.


Pratibha said...

lovely !!
this is really inspiring :)