Thursday, August 7, 2014

On the Joys of Being a Food Blogger

Us food bloggers, especially the ones who like to record recipes and try out new ones, invariably get sucked into two related activities - photography, and an obsession for hunting for props. I am as typical as you can get and have developed quite a fascination for photography and alongside, the desire to possess every conceivable kitchen gadget, appliance, baking tool, serving dish, plate, glass, mug, spoon, board, bit of fabric... the list is endless. Add a hint of traditional or vintage to a prop and you will see me drooling like a baby.

As always, this trip to Kolkata has seen me wandering around markets, poking around in shops and picking up all manner of random little bits and bobs, ingredients that I haven't known about or haven't had a chance to find before, and of course, stuff I know my blogger buddies will really like. Some shopkeepers now recognize me from a mile away!  

A huge part of the fun of shopping for my blog is shopping for my friends too. Only a food blogger will squeal with joy over a pile of gondhoraj lemons or a packet of posto bori. Only a food blogger understands the pleasure of rifling through a bucket of hand made wooden ladles and finding a new shape that we don't already have. Only a food blogger understands the madness that makes us lug half a dozen earthen cooking pots all the way from Kerala, or a pile of handmade copper vessels from a small town!

This addiction is not limited by country borders. We message each other from across the world asking for pretty spoons, bannetons, good quality yeast, a polka dotted measuring jug, chocolate chips, unusual spices... the list is endless. And we make parcels and ship them across the seas and wait for the squeals of delight from across the continents!

Before you know it your family and friends are in the game too and you start getting ingredients, condiments, gourmet goodies and kitchen toys instead of the standard perfumes and boxes of chocolates as gifts.

This time too I'm going back with goodies for my buddies. They say food is a great unifier. Food blogging  is quite the same, you know!       .    

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Kalyan Karmakar said...

Please get me Kalman's bacon

Pinku said...

Beautiful post.....and I love the pic..

Neha Dhavale said...

Your posts are straight from your heart! Beautiful...

Rhea Mitra Dalal said...

Thanks Neha! So happy that you dropped by :)

Unknown said...

As I mentioned in ur earlier post in Yolo u r full of life 4 dis I m speechless