Friday, April 3, 2015

British Brewing Company, Inorbit, Vashi - A Review

My mom expressed a desire to go 'malling' yesterday so the hubby and I went with her to Inorbit, Vashi. First we hit Crossword on the top floor and then I left them to browse and went off to drool at the new stuff at the HomeStop outlet at the other end of the building. On the way there I passed the British Brewing Company which has opened in the mall quite recently, maybe a couple of months or less, I'm not sure. I decided we would have our lunch here - it was a good opportunity to check it out and with two people in tow we'd be able to try out a variety of things too. So eventually, after picking up a stash of books (and a silicon baking sheet from HomeStop) we ambled over to the BBC.

The welcome blast of the ac cheered me up instantly! The place is large and spacious and the seating options include regular square tables with dining chairs, and long padded banquettes along long tables where you can really spread out and relax. We chose the banquettes. I saw young and cheerful staff around and liked the vibe of the place immediately.

As we settled in, one of the servers came up to us and placed a touchpad menu card on our table. I browsed through the menu and quite liked what I saw - a nice mix of finger food, mains, soups, burgers, salads, and desserts, along with a very generous selection of  drinks covering alcoholic and non alcoholic fare. The selection of beers was quite impressive and included a few craft beers too, apart from local and imported bestsellers.

We were quite hungry so I chose fries, a kheema pav, and their chicken wings with barbecue sauce from the touchpad. Funnily, you can't place your order from the device - you have to call one of the wait staff who will confirm your order and communicate it to the kitchen. What a waste of that fancy device!

K asked to taste the craft beers and he was promptly served tasting portions. He chose the Lost Monday, a light ale. Mom had the same. I had a fresh lime soda and I have to say it was among the best I've had in a long time. Yes, I know, it's not the fanciest thing in the world, in fact, it's one of the simplest. But I think the simpler things are the hardest to get right and the BBC did. A perfect balance of sweet and salt complemented the sourness of the lime. For me, it just hit the spot.

Service is quick and friendly, and the food arrived quite soon.

First came the fries. While I would have liked them to have served home made thick cut chips, they served the usual frozen commercial ones. But these were not over fried or tasteless. They were so good we asked for more! The fries are served with a piquant thousand island mayo which I liked very much.

I loved the chicken wings too. Lightly batter fried and then smothered in a smokey barbecue sauce, these were finger licking good. I'd go back here, settle in with a good book and easily spend a couple of hours enjoying my book and munching on wings and swilling that super lemon soda :)

The kheema pav was also good. I prefer the kheema to have a little gravy and was a little wary when this dry version appeared on the table. On tasting it I realised this was actually quite delicious too. Between my mom and I we demolished it quite happily. The portion was quite large and we were too stuffed to order any more food.

The hubby ordered the lamb burger with well grilled onions instead of the usual sliced onions and tomatoes. From the little moans coming from him as he ate it, I concluded he liked it ;)

The burger was quite huge and the best thing about it was that the bread was fresh. I think half the pleasure of a good burger lies in the bread and fortunately BBC seems to have got that bit right. The burger is served with shredded cabbage, which the hubby ignored, and a handful of fries with that same piquant sauce. A complete winner.

We angelically decided to share a dessert among the three of us. We called for their rich chocolate cake. Mom dug in her spoon first and immediately announced she wanted it all to herself! We then ordered one more and everyone was happy.

I really liked the British Brewing Company. The food was good, the portions generous, service was prompt without being intrusive, and the prices were pretty decent too. We spent around 2,500 Rupees on 3 beers, 2 fries, a portion each of chicken wings and kheema pav, 2 rich chocolate cakes, and of course, one perfectly made glass of 'limbu pani'. Not bad at all, I think.

The hubby and I are sure to make this another favourite place to hang out at. We're really pleased to have a new place to look forward to right here in Navi Mumbai.

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