Monday, April 6, 2015

My Summer Holiday

It's that time of the year when the hubby takes off for a month or two to excavate. He's an archaeologist and gets to go off and 'play in the mud' as we like to call it. I used to be an archaeologist too but now I have moved on to other things. One in the family is enough, thank you!

As he gears up to leave there's a small part part of me that's feeling low because he will be gone for a long time, and big part of me that cannot wait to be alone! My summer holidays are about to begin :)

Many of my friends show concern at how I will live alone for all that time - come stay over for a few days, won't you get lonely, how will you manage... their concern is nice but quite misplaced.

I look forward to these days on my own with much eagerness. There's stuff I plan to cook, create, write, enjoy, and at the same time, I plan to do nothing. Just be. I like my own company. This is when I get to think about no one but me. I get to be as selfish as I please and it's all I, me, and myself.

There will be days when I will speak to no one, go nowhere, do nothing apart from lie in bed and read. And there will be days when I paint like crazy or write a lot, cook, bake, sing. Or I might just feel very lonely and miss K keenly.

I love it. This is my yearly retreat. I get to know myself again, I deal with stuff - some consciously and some unconsciously, there are epiphanies, and there are absolute blanks.

It is the most refreshing time of the year and I am looking forward to it.

Eventually K will be back I will be counting the hours till he's back home. And it will be fabulous to be together again - both refreshed, both rejuvenated, and both somehow loving each other a little more.

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Kalyan Karmakar said...

One month's a long time. Enjoy your holiday. Please drop in whenever you feel bored. Your low sugar baking chocolate is waiting for you

Sushmita S Sen said...

Loved reading this Rhea....