Thursday, January 10, 2008

Some Pictures...

This is a set of bowls that I did...


These are part of a set done with a Harappan Script motif. This is one of my favourites and we use it at home :)


This is a large serving bowl that I did. Pretty, innit??


And here is really pretty floral dinner plate...


A mug I did for a friend..



Anonymous said...

Dear Rhea.....i'm nandita's blogger friend...i am stunned with your painted dishes and plates...i bought myself a book....but havent done much with it...i am going to plague you with questions hunting for your email id...or will get it from the stuff you are doing!!

Unknown said...

Dear Rhea... I am arunadati's friend from the real world and i am also laying eggs wrt painiting on ceramic. she gifted me a book too :) anyways wanted to tell you that what you have done is gorgeous!! really really nice :)