Saturday, December 1, 2012

Archaeology Day - A reunion of sorts

The hubby works with the CEMS at the Mumbai University and they are celebrating Archaeology Day this December in a bid to popularise archaeology among students and the general public. Having seen a picture of a coffee mug I had painted long ago with motifs from the Harappan script, the hubby's boss invited me to do a collection for sale on Archaeology Day. It's been many years since I picked up the paint brush and I just couldn't resist this opportunity.

Coincidentally I had also started a page on Facebook just to share the different craftsy things I have made over the years. I don't get a lot of time to do all this stuff but I love it. Embroidery, painting, making stuff, refurbishing things, if it's hand made I'm attracted to it! You can check out my page here.

It's been great fun posting pictures of the new stuff I'm painting for the Archaeology Day sale and also digging out the few old photos I have of things made long ago. The response has been exhilarating and humbling at the same time.

As I have been painting this collection I have been reaching into the past, renewing ties with books, photographs and memories of the days I studied archaeology, the excavations I participated in and people I met, my hubby being one of them :)

At the same time I'm rediscovering the joy of feeding the artistic part of my soul. Every completed piece gives me a thrill. The joy of seeing something you create in your mind's eye turn into a real object is quite special and this collection has led me back to one of my greatest passions - painting on ceramics.

Here are a few of the pieces I have done for the Archaeology Day sale at the CEMS, University of Mumbai, Kalina campus -

Prehistoric Stone tools 

Ancient Scripts

Tea mugs with assorted Harappan motifs 

Human figures from the Harappan script

Human figures and fish motifs, also from the Harappan script

Shaman - Bhimbetka, Madhya Pradesh

Dancing figures from Bhimbetka, a prehistoric rock art site in Madhya Pradesh

Snack plate with human figures from the Harappan script

Teacup and saucer with assorted Harappan motifs

Take up a hobby and make the time to pursue it. Do something just because you enjoy doing it. Do it for you and let it feed your soul. Happiness is in little things. A hobby is one of them.  

This post is the first in the Marathon Bloggers event for December 2012 where we're doing a blog post a day all this month.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful work Rhea! Loved the bit that says "Do something just because you enjoy doing it." - photography is that something for me :) Cheers to day 1 of blogging ~ Simran

Finla said...

Beautiful i love the dancing fogures from MP , everything looks so fine and detailed, my daughter is leanring my daughter is learning Egypthologie and Archaeology in leuven it is her 3rd year.

Unknown said...

This is very interesting work. I had never heard of such an event unfortunately. Well this is the why marathons help I guess. Good Luck

├čiju said...

amazing work. Love it. You are very talented. Wonder how long did she art work take for you. Stay fabulous.

TypeWriterMom said...

These are so beautiful!! I would love to lay my hands on some of your pieces :)

Swati Raman Garg said...

u know how much i love these! u r fab rhea!

Shubha Hegde said...

These are simply gorgeous. Loved the Bhimbetka series!

Rhea Mitra Dalal said...

Do have a look at the Facebook page. I do only very small orders :)

Anonymous said...

beautiful, I have been drooling at all of them on FB... I wish there was a way I could get them in Bangalore