Friday, December 7, 2012

Doing laundry

My washing machine has conked off. While I desperately try to find someone to repair it, the pile of laundry keeps growing. The hubby has been making big bundles of clothes to give to the local dry cleaners but there are piles of clothes that need to be washed at home.

As I got back into the rhythm of soaking, rinsing, and washing, followed by the healthy squeezing out of excess water an then lining up the freshly laundered clothes to dry I was reliving life in Pune many moons ago.

Yes, I was back in the hostel and also in that wonderful little cottage that the hubby and I spent an idyllic few years deliciously living in sin... The only reason we sometimes contemplate divorce is that our life before we go married was so much simpler. Everything had a magical sheen, a fuzzy glow, an unreal perfection that we thought would last forever.

But we're talking about laundry here...

Take a large bucket, fling in some detergent and fill the bucket with hot water. Stare as the foam rises and then start soaking the clothes before the soapy foam overflows and makes the bathroom a slippery playground for fun activities that did not involve clothes.

Sorry. So, here I am today, washing clothes and travelling back in time. The soap is as slippery as it used to be but who has the time to play? But I do have those memories and I am so glad to have them. :)

Marathon Bloggers Day 7


Simran said...

If there is one thing I could not survive without (or so I think) that is a washing machine!! I keep putting off washing clothes that say "Hand wash" till I really really have to :( In B'lore my maid used to come to rescue.
Simple is nice, I yearn for simple!

Sirisha said...

Wow I cannot do laundry by hand! I'd give up the moment the machine conks off! Kudos to you !

Aparna said...

My hand wash laundry hamper is always overflowing.. I have maids who fall sick when they spend too much time the water :P and I always put it off as much as possible i.e. till hubby notices a puddle of clothes coming out of the hamper ;).

It does trigger memories of younger days in me too.. days when I didn't have to worry about cricks in the back or neck after washing a load of clothes.. sigh!

Saee Koranne-Khandekar said...

Miss Chamko! Hugs! I can't get over how pretty that cottage is!

Archana Doshi said...

hmm i cant live without that washing machine, but hand washing clothes when I get into it, is some super exercise and agree. Just takes me back to my college days as well.

Swathika said...

Ahem ahem! Laundry and me - I thank the invention - the washing machine. I thank the house help - the maid. I have a lot to thank for :) Hope the washing machine get back to its normal working self asap!