Thursday, December 6, 2012

I'm a a Coffee Barbarian. Sue Me.

Being a part of the foodie world these days is all about chi chi food and exotic ingredients, plating and pairing, flavour combinations and fancy gadgets. EVOO rules over regular oil, arugula wins over iceberg and if it's a tomato it's got to be heirloom. In the midst of all this bewildering mix of intimidating foods and sky high standards is there any place for the seemingly mundane or the not so pedigreed?

I love coffee. Now, before you start imagining fancy French presses or Italian espresso machines shining proudly on my kitchen counter, let me tell you I love instant coffee. I prefer it. Given a choice between the brewed stuff and my instant I'd take the instant any day. Having said that, any old instant will not do.

It has to be Nestle Sunrise. I have it in a large mug with a spoonful of CoffeeMate and 2 sachets of Splenda. I like it just so and that's the only way I like it. I have these small Tupperware canisters and I carry them with me in my purse, filled with coffee and the CoffeeMate. I have reached a point where I ask for a mug of hot water and make my own coffee even when I'm visiting friends.

Why is it that enjoying something comes with qualifying conditions? I don't give a rat's ass about Blue Mountain or Guatemalan or Kopi bloody Luwak. If you like it please do drink it and get your jollies. Just leave me alone and let me enjoy my Sunrise in peace.

I'm a coffee barbarian. Sue me.

Marathon Bloggers Day 5


The Gypsy said...

Me too!!

AJ said...

I am a tea person bu whenever I see coffee or anything related to it you are the only person I can think of :) And I agree with you on the exotic bit...most people do it just because they have to.

Anagha said...

Rhea, it was reassuring to read this, I always thought I was the only one.I have a similar relationship with my tea!People in the family know this and stay out of my tea and tea making process... my maids who have attempted to make a cup of tea have had a dose of my "barbarianism" !

Aparna said...

It's filter coffee for me, but for the life of me I cannot get the hang of all the different types. It's good old local Coffee Day blend for me always :)

Trishna said...

Me too..Love the instant n Heart coffee-mate!I do love a well made Mocha,though!

k10 said...