Thursday, December 27, 2012

Ekla cholo re

This iconic song by Tagore can mean different things at different times. Today I feel very alone and this song, that exhorts the listener to walk on alone if no one hears his/her call, seems to tell me to march on regardless.

Relationships change all the time. And they should, We grow and change with every passing day, our needs change, we focus on different things, our attention shifts, there can be so many reasons why we change. But change is always around, constant and dependable. Yes I know the cliché, only too well it seems.

Friends have come and friends have gone. They have enriched my life for a while and once their attention has moved to something else the familiar loneliness creeps back and once again it is Ekla cholo re.  But please don't think I am depressed because I'm lonely. The loneliness is momentary. One is used to the presence of a person in one's life, one has made space for that person and once she or he's gone, there is empty space and that space is space for something new. The loneliness, unlike change, is not constant.

The EuphoRHEA page on Facebook is one of the most fulfilling things I have done in recent times and the beauty of it all is the timing. Space was created and EuphoRHEA came and filled it up.

Whether you fill your life with people or things or activities doesn't matter. Does what you fill it with give you joy? If it does, you're doing okay. Life is about finding happiness, finding joy, finding fulfilment - and there are options. Many options. Choose and let the joy come in...

I painted this today. There was space and I filled it with this :)

Marathon Bloggers Day 16

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appu said...

So I finally discovered the 'Add a comment' link!

Love the artwork and couldn't agree more with the sentiment :)