Sunday, December 2, 2012

The Marathon Bloggers - an ambitious project indeed!

The Marathon Bloggers is a group of bloggers that have come together on Facebook to do an exciting blogging challenge this December. The challenge is simple - a new blog post every day from the 1st till the 31st of the month.

I saw this when my friend Aparna posted a link to her newest blog post on Facebook and mentioned that it was part of the Marathon Bloggers event. I was curious and before I knew it I had hopped on to this insane blogging bus! Now I'm a lazy blogger and not all that prolific with the blogging. Though I have many ideas for blog posts they usually just remain ideas. And here I was taking on a challenge to write a new post every day for a whole month! I must be insane.

Sometimes you know you have to take something on, not to prove anything to anyone but to show yoursellf that you can do this. I guess it was one of those moments when I knew that would not be easy but I had to take it on anyway.

So here I am. One of the many bloggers doing this Marathon Bloggers thing this December. I don't know if I can do it but there's just one way to find out isn't there?

Day 2. Marathon Bloggers.


Simran said...

All the best!! Am sure all the support from the group will help us with the challenge :)

AJ said...

We are all on the same boat, I've pulled through the week and am now wondering if I'll be able to go on during the week. So hope I don't miss posting even a single post! Let's try and motivate each other, best of luck!:)

Anonymous said...

welcome to the madness rhea like AJ says we are all in the same boat ;)