Monday, December 2, 2013

Archaeology Day - Round 2

It's December already and that means I've been gearing up for Archaeology Day. A little more than a year ago I started a Facebook page to show off my hand painted ceramics. I got a near instant invitation to put up a stall at the Archaeology Day event organised by the hubby's department at the University of Mumbai, the Centre for Extra-Mural Studies. Here was a chance to take my hand painted wares to the niche audience that was closest to my heart - archaeologists! The sale last year was a sell out and EuphoRHEA hasn't looked back since.

Now once again, I'm getting ready for another sale at the same event. It's a warm feeling knowing I'm a sort of permanent feature at such a prestigious event.

Here I am  again trawling the Internet and poring over the books at home looking for interesting motifs and ideas to transfer onto mugs, plates, bowls and such objects of daily use. This is my way of not only promoting art and the culture of hand crafting, it is also my small attempt at bringing archaeology and history into the daily lives of people who are not connected to these fields. This is how I keep a part of my soul connected to archaeology and all those wonderful years that I spent studying the subject, working on some of the most amazing archaeological digs in this country, and of course, finding the love of my life.

Here's a preview of some of the designs I'll be displaying at the event this year.

Do come if you're in town. :)

2 December 2013
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Anonymous said...

One day I will own ur stuff, one day. gorgeous all of it :)

Shailaja V said...

This looks very delicately crafted. Kudos to your talent and effort!

Sharmila said...

How I wish I were in Mumbai. Always love your motifs and the wares they are on ... just never got 'round telling you. Take them for granted on FB I guess. Keep them coming Rhea ... all the best for the event.

Swathika said...

These symbols and motifs remind me of a book called 'Pattern Language' that we were exposed to when I was studying Architecture... Do you usually have a concept or a write up with every product? It would be so fascinating to read a story or myth attached with these beautiful pieces of art...Good stuff Rhea!

Sirisha said...

Wow .. I wish I could come.