Tuesday, December 17, 2013

“They said he died because they wouldn't accept him for who he was...”

“They said he died because they wouldn't accept him for who he was...”

They said that and many other things when he died. He got a lot of sympathy. But I was just angry with him. I think I still am. 

He left behind a wife and a child. He was unhappy, they had problems, they were fighting - it was just the same like so many other couples. 

His career was not going anywhere. He struggled for a while and then got caught up in his own lies, his own fantasies, his own versions of the truths that he couldn't handle.

One day he hanged himself. 

I hate him for what he did. I cannot forgive him for not giving us a chance. For not believing in us. For not facing his troubles. For not trusting in our friendship.  For not loving us enough. 

I miss you, you bloody ass. 

This post is written to a dear friend who I thought of the moment I read the prompt for this Tuesday on the Marathon Bloggers group. 

17 December

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Kurush F Dalal said...

couldnt agree more Rhea ... I am still so pissed off at him ... feel like I failed him too... most of all I cant forgive him for what he has done to his lil boys future.

Sirisha said...

Wow! Really well written.. Yes apart from all other emotions suicide makes you mad at its victim for being so selfish.

Pinku said...

lovely poignant story...my sister committed suicide 17 years back and i am still upset with her.

I think she was a coward. Can so share the angst.

Rhea Mitra Dalal said...

Priyanka... all I can do is give you a tight hug.