Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Flury's comes to Navi Mumbai

I was pleasantly surprised to learn that Flury's, that Kolkata institution, was coming to Mumbai. Actually, not Mumbai but to Navi Mumbai. That wasn't all - they were launching two outlets, one at Seawoods and another at the Inorbit Mall at Vashi.

K and I dropped by at the Seawoods outlet and picked up some savouries and a dessert each for a quick lunch on the go recently.

The shop is a cheerful pink and there were two very friendly young boys behind the counter. It is a take-away an though they do have a high bar counter like table near the entrance if you want eat at the shop, there was not a single stool or chair in sight. I think a couple of chairs or bar stools would be nice.

On offer are a variety of savouries - muffins, puffs, mini quiches, etc., and a good selection of the sweet stuff (chocolate seems to rule the roost here). I didn't see their famous lemon tarts.

They also have coffee.

And bread, tea cakes, cheese straws, and gift boxes

We picked up a couple of the chicken puffs, a spinach and corn mini quiche each, a rum ball and a fudge brownie.

The puffs were really good. Bring it home, warm it nicely and you can have just a puff if you're in the mood for a light lunch. It's quite large and is packed with filling - chicken and white sauce with really generous amounts of chicken. I liked the fact that chicken was chopped and not shredded so you got juicy morsels of meat instead of stringy threads.  Personally I think the filling could be livened up with some herbs for added flavour. The puff is quite large and I got a bit bored trying to finish it. I would definitely buy it again, though.

The mini quiche was also generously filled and nice and flavourful. Another thing definitely worth going back for.

K enjoyed the rum ball very much. He said it was just like a rum ball should be - squishy mashed up chocolatey cake covered in a soft chocolate icing. Very Old School, very classic.

I has picked up a Fudge Brownie for myself. It was horrible beyond belief. Unfortunately I had left it for last and there was nothing to salvage the end of my otherwise very nice meal. The brownie was dry, hard and dehydrated. There was a layer of fudge frosting on top which K spat out saying it had a strong off putting kerosene like smell. Brownies are the easiest thing in the world to make and I don't understand how so many bakeries get it so wrong. We threw this one out.

Will I go back to Flury's? Yes, I definitely will. But I will avoid their desserts. I was disappointed at the Kolkata outlet and I found the same disappointment here too. The savouries however, saved the day.

25 December 2013
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