Tuesday, December 3, 2013

She had always wanted a Daughter

We're doing themed posts on Tuesdays and Fridays as part of the December month long Marathon Blogathon. I'm not very confident with writing fiction but I thought I must try. Sometimes one must explore the unknown, the un-tried, the new. So here's my post for the Themed Tuesday in Marathon Bloggers.

"She had always wanted a daughter but now..." is the prompt for the post today. 


She had always wanted a daughter but now she wasn't so sure. Suppose she had a son? Would it be so bad? Would it be such a big disappointment? She didn't know.

There were the usual clich├ęs running around in her head – how does it matter whether it’s a girl or a boy – one loves one’s child anyway. As long as the child is healthy and whole that’s all that is really important. People around her echoed these platitudes.

She still wanted a girl. She was sure. She didn't know why – it was just the way it was.

She grew up. She got pregnant. She had a scan. Things were not looking good. She was in a panic. “What is wrong?” she screamed? “The child is not going to be normal, my dear. Be strong”  they said. “You will have to terminate” they said, the words echoing loudly in her head.

Then she asked – “is it a girl?” “No” they said. “It’s a boy” they said, looking at her sympathetically.

She let the relief wash over her. Now she knew. She had always wanted a girl. 

3 December
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Anjali Koli said...

and then miracles happen and yes she will have a daughter of her own, even if not of her flesh and blood! :):)

Me! In words said...

Very nicely worded Rhea...

Aparna said...

Interesting twist Rhea.. nicely done :).

Swathika said...

I liked the climax. Good one Rhea

Unknown said...

Hope she gets a lovely daughter soon.