Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Ladies' Lunch at Soy Street, Vashi

A phone call is all it takes sometimes and suddenly you are on your way off to lunch with the girls! It's been a stressful few weeks and I blindly welcomed this chance to get out and spend time with my gal pals. We tend to land up at the Inorbit Mall more often than not because it has restaurants, cafes, the supermarket and the beauty salons - it's easy to spend four to five hours there and wonder where the time went.

Inorbit, Vashi, has many dining options ranging from the hugely popular Pot Pourrie on the ground floor to the equally rocking Panchavati Gaurav on the first floor. There's the usual mix of Food Court favourites on the top floor including the newly opened Kolkata icon, Flury's. Though Pot Pourrie is one of my favourite places it does tend to be noisy and crowded and isn't quite the place for a relaxed afternoon catching up with the girls.  We went to Soy Street on the first floor which is run by the same management.

Soy Street offers a variety of SE Asian cuisines - mainly Chinese and Thai along with a few other choices like a Burmese Khow Suey ( which is actually quite nice). They have a daily lunch buffet which is quite impressive in its variety, especially at less than Rs.400 per person on weekdays. I like to opt for the buffet because I don't have to think about what I want to eat. There's enough choice so I know I will definitely find enough food that suits my mood and taste.

The good thing about the food here is that the vegetarian food is as delicious as the non vegetarian fare. As much as I love my meats I do pile my plate with a lot of the veg dishes. Today we gorged on the starters, soup and salads, to a point that I was too stuffed to even look at the main course options!

The buffet usually has a veg soup, sushi, dim sum, a couple each of veg and non veg hot starters, live stir fry and salad stations, and rice, noodles, two veg and two non veg gravy based main courses, and three desserts. There's also iced tea.

I didn't take a single photograph today because I wanted to be 'off duty'. In retrospect I feel I should have taken a few at least on my phone.

We gorged on crisp cauliflower fritters, and crisp corn chilli which were better than the honey coriander chicken and the other grilled chicken starter (I don't remember the name!). There was a beautiful vegetable and noodle soup that was perfect for a nippy day like today. Soy Street makes a very tasty chicken dim sum which tastes even better paired with the amazing array of condiments and sauces that always have at hand. There's no pork or beef on the menu and buffet is usually limited to chicken and fish

The salad bar has two veg salads and two non veg salads plus a range of sauces, condiments and garnishes. Today I tucked into the grilled chicken with assorted greens and sprouts, and I also tried out the egg and lettuce salad which had slivers of herbed  omelettes tossed with fresh crisp lettuce. For me, one of the biggest attractions at Soy Street (and at Pot Pourrie) is the salad bar. The greens are crisp and the produce is fresh to a fault. I ALWAYS have a plate of salad whenever I eat at either restaurant.

The desserts are pretty standard, nothing to write home about. Since I'm diabetic I'm happy to ignore them anyway :)

Chef Raunak who manages Soy Street and Pot Pourrie happened to be there today and I shamelessly asked him for a bottle of his incredibly addictive Schezwan dipping sauce. I have come home with a half litre box of sauce!

They do have an a la carte menu too, and they also have a bar in the open air verandah section. The restaurant is bright and well lit, the staff is friendly though sometimes they can be a little clueless, and out of 10 I'd give Soy Street an easy 7. It's not a fine dine sort of place but a place where you can take your kids for a treat after school, or catch a quick lunch after your trip to the supermarket, or even chill with your friends like I did. It's also really easy on the pocket.

18 December
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