Sunday, December 8, 2013

EuphoRHEA features on a Top 5 Food Blogs list

I was out at dinner yesterday and as I sneaked in a look at Facebook while the others were chatting I saw a link posted on my wall by a blogger friend.. She had posted the same link on another page too and I was wondering what it was about. Of course I followed the link only to find out that this blog that I write so intermittently had been picked as one of the Top 5 Food Blogs by The Afternoon Despatch & Courier.

I was dumbfounded. And then thrilled and then quite humbled once I saw the other blogs that were on this list. K was all set to go rushing out to buy 10 copies of the newspaper immediately but I managed to stop him - this list was published a few months ago. I don't know how we all missed it but anyway, here it is -

Blogging is something I enjoy doing and, like with most of my myriad hobbies and interests, there are phases. I might go for months without writing or I might take on a month long blogging marathon with the Marathon Bloggers and move heaven and earth to write a post every day. To be noticed and appreciated, that makes the pleasure multiply beyond belief :)

8 December
Marathon Bloggers 

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Congrats Rhea! Great going!